PT Indah Golden Signature has been the leading establishment in the precious metal and gold bars industry in Indonesia.

The success of PT Indah Golden Signature is supported by the good relationship and loyalty of our customers. Our partnership experience with many partner companies in Indonesia and abroad, equipped us with the wisdom to navigate the gold and precious metal market. We believe that a reliable, strong, and trusted business relation is the key to our success in the precious metal industry.

We truly believe that every customer of PT Indah Golden Signature is a partner for life. To maintain this valuable relationship, we are committed to consistently ensuring the top-notch quality of our products. We are also committed to keep growing as the leading precious metal and gold bars establishment in Indonesia.

To become the leading and the largest gold establishment in Indonesia.


Providing high-quality gold bars products to our customers


Providing a trusted and easy-to-use application for gold trading and investment


Providing an excellent and professional gold trading service

Every IGS Gold product is produced using modern technologies in our gold refining plant that was built in 2015, located in Sidoarjo, East Java.

IGS Gold utilizes cutting-edge machinery to produce only the top-notch quality of gold products

Every IGS Gold products are produced and refined with a procedure and quality control that matches the industry's standard

Each IGS Gold products' quality and weight are ensured according to the standard that has been established

IGS Gold products are stamped with serial number to easily verify each gold bars authenticity

IGS Gold menggunakan mesin modern berteknologi mutakhir untuk menghasilkan kualitas emas terbaik.

Seluruh proses pemurnian & produksi seluruh produk emas batangan IGS telah melalui prosedur & kontrol kualitas yang sesuai dengan standar industri.

Setiap emas yang diproduksi dipastikan kualitas dan beratnya sesuai dengan standar yang ditetapkan.

IGS membubuhkan nomor seri untuk mempermudah verifikasi keaslian emas yang dijual pada setiap produk emas batangan.